Junior and Melcy, known as the Mercy Group, present their promotional theme «How I Miss You».


    After the success obtained with their musical themes «You Don’t Have to Cry and Tell Me Where» the Dominican Juniors and Melcy better known in the artistic world as Mercy Group present their new musical theme entitled «How I Miss You». Composed by Gabriel Santana and produced by producer Carlos Gracias in the Cimbarmusic studios in New york. How I Miss You, is a musical theme of the genre bachata, inspired by the feeling called love, the love that left but still leaves a person in love.

    It is a subject that helps you remember that person who still lives present in you, even if he does not continue with you physically, but through the imagination the memories that lived together are still alive (the first meeting, the first kiss, the first look and the smell of your skin). This theme has video clips that were recorded between New York and the Dominican Republic and can be enjoyed through digital platforms.
    With its excellent interpretation, charisma, vocal conditions and the taste of its music, they seek to position themselves as the duo of tropical and urban bachata of greater importance at national and international level.

    It should be noted that the duo is working on the production of their first album (unpublished) and the organization of the next Promotional Tour in Latin America that will feature a series of concerts that will soon be announced.
    Those interested in following the artistic career of this group can do so through their social networks @mercygroup and their website www.mercygroup.net

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