Pablo Bravo returns to the music industry as the King of the Ring


    Peruvian porn actor and singer Pablo Bravo, based in Paris returns to the music industry with urban rhythms with his theme «Ring». Composed and performed by the same singer, produced and worked in the studios of Mangel Producciones España.

    This theme tells the story of the life of the actor and singer himself, where he exposes in this composition of three minutes with twenty-five seconds what affirms the people who have followed the wrong path, failing, staining their destiny and in the games of hell are involved.

    Despite criticism, he says that people speak as if, if they knew him, regardless of the bad comments he continues to live and fight the battles of life, since life is only one. Heat, sweat and personal effort is essential to fight every “Ring” of life, leaving behind bad comments. He certifies that he has fallen, but always manages to get up, lives as he wants, but does not understand why their attitudes affect people.

    Pablo feels the exotic animal where the city is his own jungle, sweats blood when he has to fight, is the King of his own life. To knock him down they must overcome him. With his production he urges all his listeners to live life as they wish, fighting every “RING” of life with courage and control, no matter what people say, they must go straight ahead.

    Ring has its own video clip directed by Mangel Visual, where a cast by Diego Mora, Marc La Puerta, Borja Fernández, Juan Andrés Ríos, Ángel Gutiérrez and Gustavo Terpiscor participates. In the acting cast, Santi Norway, Alex Blonnd, Jay Norte, Ridder Rivera, Benito Massi, Miguel Cañete and the great participation as protagonist Venezuelan actor Viktor Room stand out.

    Pablo affirms that with music he seeks to show another facet of a porn actor, that people can understand that not everything is to record videos, fuck, touch or kiss, that is just a cash inflow. All the actors in the industry have their artistic gifts. In parallel to music, he will continue working with his production company “Bravo Fucker”.

    Those interested in enjoying the visual can find it on the youtube channel of the actor and singer and follow their leaps and bounds through their social networks @bravogalaxy and @bravofucker.

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